Two More Covid-Related Deaths and 427 New Cases in Last 48 Hours



After two days without an update, the Ministry of Health confirmed two more covid-related deaths to take Samoa’s total count to 9 since the community outbreak just short of a month ago on March 17th.

The statement reads, “The deceased were female, one aged 90 and one at 63. Out of respect for the families and relatives, we will not be making any further comments”.

The Ministry states that there have been 427 new community cases detected in the past 48 hours since the last report.

“12 cases in managed isolation and 3 critical cases in ICU at the Moto’otua Hospital in the past 48 hours, from 2:00pm 08th April to 2:00pm 10th April, 2022”.

The report is as at 2pm Sunday 10th April 2022. That is two days ago, so the number of new cases from 2pm Sunday to 2pm today, a further 48 hours, is not yet known.

The report no longer gives demographic data on the ages of positive cases as it had done in the past. There is no update on numbers between Savaii and Upolu.

The number of active cases is also not offered by the two-day late report.

However the Ministry does continue to warn the public on indivudual responsibility to take precautionary measures to stay safe…

“Members of the public are again reminded to remain vigilant and take heed of public health advice to get vaccinated, stay home and isolate if you are feeling unwell, mask up and ensure good personal hygiene. Vaccination remains the best defense against COVID-19 pandemic”, the Ministry reminder reads.

The next limited information Situational Report should be issued within 24 hours, if we’re lucky.

Julius Netzler