$250 million superyacht Amadea said to be Speeding to Australia via Fiji



To avoid getting captured, a $250 million yacht of one of Russia’s wealthiest oligarchs is sailing at full speed towards Australia. The vessel ‘Amadea’ is longer than a football field, it has a dedicated party deck with 20,000 watts of speakers and a cinema with a popcorn machine.

The E.U. sanctions have Russian oligarchs’ ships sailing helter-skelter. The latest one to join this bandwagon of scrambling superyachts is the $250 million superyacht Amadea that is owned by Suleiman Kerimov, a sanctioned Russian billionaire.

According to BBC News, the 347-footer is now sailing towards Australia to avoid seizure at all costs and will be received in Nadi, Fiji, as early as next week.

The amazing Amadea megayacht:
Amadea is an extraordinary vessel. It flaunts a beautiful exterior which most megayachts dont. The exterior design by Espen Øino, sports a clamshell deck (three overlapping shells cascading down from the four silver satellite domes) and a massive 18-meter beam, boasting extraordinary volumes, to house the fantastic luxuries and the owner’s requirements.

Interior designer François Zuretti turns the interiors into a warm, elegant, and inviting space with a double-height atrium, Pleyel grand piano, leather-book-clad walls, and full-beam dining table.

The designer fuses alcohol, books, and accessories as an integral part of the design.

His touch is exceptional, from hand-painted Michelangelo clouds on the ceiling above the dining table; to backlit whiskies, brandies, and rums in clear bottles behind bars.

Another rare inclusion is the galley on the top deck, beaming with copper pots and pans, a huge grill area, and even a live tank for lobsters.

A lot can happen over food, and this area allows guests to get involved with their food if they want to. Amedea is a yacht designed while keeping entertainment in mind. Whether it is living in luxurious amenities, cooking up a storm, or dancing the night away. There is a dedicated spot for everything. It serves the so-called winter patio – a dining area that will seat up to 24 in a space decked with ferns and painted with lianas. As per Boat International, the main deck converts to a party space with 20,000 Watts of built-in speakers, lights, and lasers. The spa pool gets transformed into a stage where bands and D.J.s plug straight into the ship’s audio system.

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