Fugalei Marker Vendor Thanks Local Community for Support


A small business who used to rely on overseas tourists and visiting friends and relatives for business during the Christmas period has expressed her appreciation to the local community for their support.

Faiilagi Asiasi, a mother of two says the local community has allowed their small businesses at the Fugalei market to stay afloat during these unprecedented times of having absolutely no overseas visitors.

Mrs Asiasi sells handicrafts, ie lavalava and puletasi dresses at her market stall.

She says she remembers this time last year, many overseas visitors brought a lot of money into the economy.

“Even though this year has been a tough year due to the Covid pandemic but my sales have managed to stay the same throughout this year,” she said.

“So I really thank our locals for supporting us, we would not be here if they weren’t buying from us”.

Mrs Asiasi says she is the only bread winner in the family and her market stall is the only income for her to support for her family.

“I wish all the people of Samoa a very Merry Christmas and a joyous new year”, she adds.

Marieta H Ilalio