Samoa Police Call on Public for Information that could lead to Locating Driver and Vehicle of Hit-n-Run


Samoa Police are seeking assistance from the public for information that could lead to locating the driver of a hit and run.

A woman was killed in the early hours of Sunday morning, at around 4:30am according to Police.

“In this hit and run incident a female pedestrian of Chinese origin died as a result of her injuries…” states the Samoa Police post.

Police say a white Hyundai Getz is suspected to have been involved.

“The driver is yet to turn him or herself in to police.

Police are asking anyone with credible information or any information that may lead to the apprehension of the driver to please contact SPPCS on telephone 26711 or 26712.

Samoa has had its fair share of Hit and Run cases in recent years.

On 18 July 2020 a 24 year old man was killed near the Lalovaea bridge when he was struck by a vehicle at around 9pm. He died at the scene when his bicycle was struck by one of three cars seen drag racing along the two-lane stretch of road heading East towards Malifa.

In April 2021 an 18 year old NUS student was killed at Vaitele just days before his 19th birthday. Controversy surrounded theories of who the driver was, irresponsibly spread by supporters of political parties – each naming a Member of Parliament of the other side as the suspect.

In May 2021 a 14 year old boy was killed infront of his home in Vaiusu. He was hit by a pick-up truck traveling from Apia towards Vaigaga, as he tried to cross the road from his aunt’s home, to his Dad’s car across the road. This incident occurred during the day and a 50-year-old was charged by Police.