Hit and Run Kills 14 Year Old Infront of His Home at Vaiusu 

The 4-lane road at Vaiusu where the 14 year old was hit by a pick up truck on Sunday evening.

A 14 year old boy crossing the 4-lane road at Vaiusu towards his aunty’s home, was killed in a hit and run yesterday evening.

A witness said the 14 year old, whose father’s sister lives two houses down from the Vaiusu Catholic church was with his father parked at the shop across the road from his aunt’s place. He was hit by a pick-up truck traveling from Apia towards Vaigaga, as he tried to cross the road from his aunt’s home, to his Dad’s car across the road.

Flowers are placed on the side of the road.

“He was crossing the road, and wouldn’t have seen the speeding pick-up truck coming around the bend there on the road..”

“It was a grey pick up with a black bumper.. He did stop at first.., and then he just took off again”.

“E lanu efuefu ae uliuli le bumper.. Ga ku lelei lava., ae ke’i lava ua koe agi..”

Police Commissioner Fuiavailiili Egon Keil said a 50 year old man was brought into custody this morning by police.

“He is being processed and would be charged accordingly,” said Fuiavailiili.

Police investigations continue and further information about the incident cannot be released at this time.

First responders confirm that the boy died instantly upon impact.

Two weeks ago, a hit and run incident on Tuesday night, 23rd April in Vaitele claimed the life of an 18 year old NUS Diploma in Tourism student. The Samoa Police appeal to the public for any information about that incident, just down the hill from the LDS Church at Vaitele.

If there is a vehicle you suspect was involved, please contact Police immediately.

Marieta H Ilalio