Fill Our Hearts with God’s Love, and Get His Goodness Overflowing from Our Mouths


Happy Mondays Saints.


Last week, I mentioned that ‘Kind words overflow out of a compassionate heart and painful words overflow out of a suffering heart.’

If it came out of your mouth, it overflowed out of your heart. If what you said was harmful and it caused someone else a lot of pain or grief, then it spilled over from an unhealthy heart.

If you’ll pay attention to what you’re saying and to how you are saying it – you can learn a lot about the condition of your heart. I’m not saying this to condemn anyone. I’m hoping that with some honesty and awareness, you can actually start seeing some long-lasting, positive changes. But if we’re going to see some real change, we have to take a really honest look at ourselves.

Everything in your life, and I mean EVERYTHING, overflowed out of your heart. And your mouth is a great indicator of your heart’s true condition.

There are times when I’ve been alarmed at some of the things that have spilled forth out of my own mouth. But as disappointed as I was in myself, the experience made me dig a little deeper to see where in my heart the words were coming from. Some of them spilled forth out of my own insecurities. And there were times when I would speak from a place of pain and suffering.

Knowing and seeing the truth helped me receive the healing that my heart needed in order for me to become a kinder and more encouraging person.

What does your mouth reveal about your heart? With God’s Word and the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we can overcome the pains of the past, fill our hearts with God’s love, and get His goodness overflowing out of our mouths so that our words can edify and uplift others.

Have an awesome week Saints. God bless and lots’a love,

Pastor Warren Retzlaff