Digicel Samoa Celebrates 14 Years of Service with $14,000 Donation to SVSG Campus of Hope

Digicel Samoa Chairman, Pepe Fia’ailetoa Christian Fruean, SVSG President, Siliniu Lina Chang and representatives from Digicel, Lava Hotel and SVSG.


Digicel Samoa visited the Samoa Victim Support Group’s Campus of Hope this morning with a donation of $14,000 tala as part of the lead up to its 14th anniversary celebration this year.

The Samoa Victim Support Group (SVSG) Campus of Hope is home and refuge to over 70 children who have been abused, mostly within their own homes.

The proceeds were collected during a corporate fundraiser held at the Lava Hotel during the Digicel Teuila Festival where a “Night with the Stars Concert” was held to showcase the best of local artists and musicians. 

Digicel Samoa’s Chairman Fiaailetoa Pepe Christian Fruean was at the Campus of Hope this morning with staff of Digicel and Lava Hotel, to visit the children and present their gift.

Fiaailetoa acknowledged the service and hard work of the SVSG President, affectionately known as “Mama Lina” who works tirelessly day and night to make sure the children living in the shelter are well taken care of.

“SVSG has always been a ‘Ray of Hope’ and beacon of light for the victims of sexual violence and abuse. These young children mainly girls have needed the SVSG during a time of physical and emotional distress in their lives for which in most cases, unfortunately the abuse has mainly been inflicted by their own family members. For that, Digicel has always stood by SVSG to support them and their courageous work in attempting to shape up the values, attitudes and lives of these young people,” said Pepe.

“In 2016, a vision became a reality on these very grounds as we opened the doors of the ‘Ray of Hope House’ to accommodate up to 18 pregnant teenage victims with additional facilities for a trained onsite caregiver as well as volunteer medical professionals;

“We at Digicel, will continue to show our support in order to give these young victims a chance to rebuild their young lives with a view to a positive and successful future, despite the challenges they faced earlier in life”, Pepe added.

SVSG President, Siliniu Lina Chang thanked the Chairman and staff of Digicel and the Lava Hotel for their generous donation and acknowledged Digicel as one of their most loyal supporters throughout the years.

Siliniu commented, “Pepe, I want to thank you again for being there for us from the very beginning. I remember a time where we only had a few resources to our name, but now we have been blessed with the kindness and generosity of our people, best displayed by yourself and your team. I can’t thank you enough”. 

“Ua le tasi, ae ua atulasi, fa’afetai tele, fa’afetai tele lava le alofa,” Siliniu said in Samoan. 

In return the children were given the opportunity to perform their White Sunday memory verses, their skits and songs for Digicel Samoa staff present.

To wrap up, the children were treated with delicious cupcakes and ice cream provided by Lava Hotel. 

The donation is a part of Digicel’s Go Big promotion focused on giving back to the community through its Go Big on Network, Digital and Community.

Last week Digicel launched its $50,000 tala grant scheme to support community projects in Samoa.

Digicel Samoa Chairman, Pepe Fia’ailetoa Christian Fruean, SVSG President, Siliniu Lina Chang and representatives from Digicel, Lava Hotel and SVSG.

Marieta H Ilalio