Vodafone Launches “Always More” Data Bundles


The global telecom giant Vodafone has done it again! They have increased data bundles, increased its 4G mobile sites across Samoa and increased its support within the community. Today they launch their new “Always More” promotion whereby Vodafone prepaid and postpaid capped customers can now enjoy twice as much data with its new “Always More Data Bundles”. 

Always more Data Bundles:  

  • 8GB for $5 tala valid for 24 hours
  • 20GB for $10 tala valid for 2 days
  • 40GB for $20 tala valid for 5 days

These plans can be purchased through *888# Menu or MyVodafone App. The data will be allocated as 50% normal data and the other 50% allocation will be for night time data; which can be used between 12am – 6am. 

“Always more with Vodafone means we are constantly innovative hungry and finding ways to enrich the lives of our customers and our communities. We have always been the most preferred network because we provide our customers with better value data bundles; and so we continue on that tradition by launching our new ‘Always More Data Bundles’ available now.” Vodafone CEO, Nofoasaefa Satish Sharma. 

The Telecom Giant announced its multi-million dollar investment ($8 million tala) a month after its launch in April, 2020 to make its infrastructure truly world class and to date they have adhered to this promise. This makes Vodafone the first telecommunication company in Samoa to have the widest network coverage and will continue to expand their coverage by having a total of 100 mobile sites installed across Upolu & Savaii by the end of 2020 far more than any other telecommunication provider in Samoa.


Vodafone is the only telecommunication company in Samoa to provide its customers with a fallback plan, meaning their customers are connected onto two undersea fiber cables (1) Tui Samoa Cable, (2) Hawaiki Cable. Vodafone is the only network in Samoa to provide FTTH (fiber to the home) which is the installation and use of optical fiber from a central point directly to individual buildings such as residences and businesses to provide high-speed internet access up to 200mbps.


“With having international capacity on both the Tui Samoa cable and Hawaiki cable means that Vodafone Samoa can ensure its customers have a “fallback plan” should something go wrong on either of the cables. This means that our customers would be able to stay connected with loved ones under any circumstances. This makes Vodafone Samoa’s services of equal standard into any developed country.” says Nofoasaefa Satish Sharma, Vodafone Samoa CEO. 


Upon arrival of the global brand and during the current global pandemic – Vodafone has continued to re-invest into the community in many ways such as and not limited to; 


  1. Sports: helping to develop local rugby talent by sponsoring the Samoa Rugby Union and all its initiatives, supporting local Rugby 7 Club Tournaments across Upolu & Samoa, Samoa Touch Rugby Incorporation, Samoa TAG Incorporated, Samoa Boxing Federation, Samoa International Cricket Association, Laumei Canoe Club Marathon Regatta and a Netball Club. 


  1. Vodafone has been and will continue to be strong pillars of support towards the Samoa Victims Support Group and the Samoa Cancer Society – most recently with its Sei Pua Day Campaign which helps to raise Cancer Awareness within Samoa. And the upcoming PinkTober to which Vodafone have been known to make big noise on its support to help advocate for early detection of Breast Cancer. 


  1. Vodafone has also extended their great helping hand during these trying times by assisting the village of Manase in Savaii( a once bustling Village with tourists) to help revive the hospitality / tourism sector by hosting a Beach Festival during the long White Sunday Weekend to encourage locals to visit Savaii and support its local businesses.


  1. Vodafone’s strong support also extends to the Education sector by going into a partnership with UNESCO and the Ministry of Education Sports & Culture – whereby they invested a total of $19 million tala as part of its COVID-19 Care Plan to assist students with free online learning, free 1GB for every $5 tala Top Up and most recently a $20,000 tala scholarship promotion for Students who top up $5 tala or more onto their Student Sim.


  1. Vodafone has continued to give best value added services, with most recently Its current Dream Big, Win Big promotion, a first-ever in the history of Samoa where customers can win 1 of 3 brand new vehicles and a share of $55,000 tala cash weekly bringing the campaign well over $250,000 tala.


“We encourage you to switch to Vodafone today to see and experience the abundance of rewards and benefits. It is with Vodafone that you can count on for always more data, always more support within our community, always more customer convenience and always more network coverage.” concluded Nofoasaefa Satish Sharma, Vodafone Samoa CEO.


Customers can call Samoa’s only toll free, 24 hour, 7 days a week Customer Care team on 67121 for more information.