Taula Beverages Supports Development of Local Rugby Talent with $90,0000 to Apia Rugby Union

L-R: Mulitalo Tupai, Taula Snr Marketing Officer, Fuimaono Tafaoimalo Laifa Petersen - Secretary ARU, Fuimaono Titimaea Tafua - President – ARU, Enele Westerlund - General Manager Taula Beverages, Tanuvasa Caroline Pereira - Marketing Manager Taula Beverages.


Taula Beverages Co. Ltd. is excited to continue its partnership with the Apia Rugby Union (ARU) with a sponsorship deal of $90,000 of cash and in-kind support.

ARU is also the home of the Eels franchise who are three-time Super Rugby Champions; and Taula has been a major part of that success.

Last week Friday, ARU President and former Manu Samoa Coach Fuimaono “Dickie” Tafua and Taula Beverages General Manager Enelē Westerlund signed a MOU to the value of $90,000 tala for the 2021 rugby season.

Fuimaono Titimaea Tafua (President ARU) and Enele Westerlund (General Manager – Taula Beverages) at MOU signing.

General Manager of Taula Beverages Co Ltd Enele Westerlund says the focus for Taula is to help the development of local rugby talent, and since their relationship with ARU began 5 years ago, they have been able to produce skilled rugby players, many of whom are now part of the Manu Samoa national squads.

“The sports and rugby
community plays a big part in our daily activities, and is a favourite sport of Samoa;

“We hope to work together with ARU to further enhance and develop the skill set of our local
talents,” said Westerlund.

This year, the Apia Rugby Union on its own, produces half of the total national squads, with 12 of Samoa 7’s and 34 of the SRU National Academy Squad.

12 of the 24 Manu Samoa 7s squad are from ARU clubs.

The Apia Ruigby Union continues to grow from strength to strength with many of the more established rugby clubs in Samoa such as Vaiala, Moataa, SCOPA and Apia.

Laulii Lions has 4 players in Samoa 7’s and 2 in SRU Academy.

Village clubs such as Laulii, Vailele and Magiagi have thrived under the ARU umbrella in recent years, and have several players in the national rugby squads.

There are also clubs from the West side who choose to play their club season with ARU such as Vaimoso, Alamogoto and Moamoa.

Enele Westerlund says it is this success factor, and positive impact on the lives of youth, that they are happy to be a part of and continue to support.

“With obstacles facing us all, from all directions this year, Taula endeavours to continue to
do what we can, where we can, to support our communities,” he adds.

ARU President Fuimaono Titimaea Tafua acknowledged and thanked Taula Beverages for their loyalty and continued support over the past 5 years.

“We are grateful that Taula has continued their support despite the economic times we face, and for this, all our clubs remain loyal to the Taula brand. We look forward to another successful year of rugby ahead”, said Fuimaono.