Taula Beverages Co Ltd and Hari Punja Group to Set Up Beer Factory in Fiji


Taula, Samoa’s leading beverage manufacturer will soon expand its market share into the rest of the Pacific through a joint venture deal with Fijian based Hari Punja & Sons.

Chairman of Hari Punja & Sons Pty Ltd, Mr Hari Punja today announced their intentions to form a joint venture with Taula Beverages Co Ltd of Samoa to set up a new brewery in Fiji to service the Fijian market and simultaneously supply other Pacific Island Countries.

Taula Beverages Co Ltd of Samoa manufactures the famous “Taula” brand of beers.

Established in 2012, “Taula” now dominates the Samoan market with over 70% market share in a short span of eight years; ending the forty-year monopoly of “Vailima”, a brand owned by a subsidiary of Fiji’s Paradise Beverages Ltd.

Taimalie Charlie Westerlund, the Managing Director, says the simple reason the brewery gained momentum stemmed from the decision to commit to the German Purity Law. Reinheitsgebot in German means purity order, and requires that “nothing other than barley, hops and water be used to produce beer”. It has been the law governing beer brewing in all of Germany since 1906.

Hari Punja & Sons Pty Ltd is a 100% Fijian owned entity and parent company of many successful businesses in Fiji including FMF and Bluegas.

Mr Hari Punja said the brewery would employ a highly qualified team with European training as well as the latest in German technology to produce top quality products in accordance with the industry’s strict manufacturing standards.

 Under the management of the Joint Venture partners, each with years of experience through their own respective businesses, the new Company is confident of success.

The brand-new facility is to be established on a 6-acre property in Suva housing the brewery, state-of-the-art logistical facilities and an office building.

The company intends to brew a variety of beers suitable to meet customer preferences.  It anticipates their offering will come head-to-head with existing brands but are confident their proven experience, modern infrastructure and innovative team, will bring the right formula to overcome these challenges.  

Mr Punja said the company also intends to explore Carbonated Soft Drinks in glass and canned formats as has been successfully done in Samoa.

Taula’s range of carbonated soft drinks.

While not revealing much more detail, Mr Punja said the partners are excited with the new endeavour and aim to start serving the Fijian market in the very near future.  

“We look forward to the potential the new year brings once the pandemic subsides and tourism returns to the Pacific Islands”.