Start Off Small, Be Consistent and Faithful in Your Goal Setting for 2022


Happy Monday Saints.


It’s the third day of the new year. Some studies show that up to 80% of all new year’s resolutions are abandoned by February. If that’s true, then many of us will abandon some of our goals for 2022 before the end of the month.

What I love about many of the principles that Jesus taught is that they’re very simple and practical. If you and I put them into practice and make them a part of our daily habits, we can look forward to experiencing wonderful results.

I encouraged our church on New Year’s day not to try and “change the world in a single day.”

Too often, our new year’s resolutions are about making grand changes and in an effort to transform things and improve, we set unrealistic, dramatic goals that we can’t maintain for very long.

The Bible tells us to be “FAITHFUL WITH VERY LITTLE.” Set yourself goals that will challenge you and help you grow but that you know you can continue doing consistently. Instead of setting out to read your Bible for an hour every day, start with 10 minutes. Do that FAITHFULLY and you’ll soon see that time grow from 10 to 15, then to 20 and so on. As your new goal becomes your new HABIT, your faithfulness in your 10-minute reading will see you remain faithful as the length of your readings grows too.

This principle applies in just about every area that you want to excel in. Whether your goals are spiritual, physical, psychological, emotional or educational – start off small! Be consistent and faithful, and then watch the transforming power of “Small things being done FAITHFULLY.”

Jesus said that your faithfulness will ensure that you will also be faithful with much more.

Great changes that eventually become a stable part of your life are the result of faithfully accomplishing the small.

Have an awesome week and an even greater start to 2022 by making January a month of faithfully completing the small.

God bless and lots’a love,

Pastor Warren Retzlaff