SSAB Continues to Support Youth of Moamoa to Excel On and Off the Rugby Field


Helping the youth of Moamoa to achieve their goals and supporting the platform for youth development are the main goals behind SSAB’s ongoing sponsorship for the Moamoa Roosters rugby team.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Acting President of the Moamoa Roosters Sports Club, Tevaga Viane Tagi’ilima signed a 2022 sponsorship agreement with the CEO of SSAB, Tofilau Fiti Leung Wai.  This is now the 6th year in which SSAB has been the Major Sponsor for the Moamoa Roosters rugby team.

“We are grateful for your continuous support for our village’s rugby team Tofilau Fiti and Tuatagaloa Aumua. We are aware that SSAB’s support is not limited to Moamoa Roosters but also other rugby teams, sports organisations and schools” says Acting President Tevaga.

Tofilau acknowledged God as the source of all our blessings.

“It’s the heart of gratitude to God for enabling us to be a blessing to others. This sponsorship is not to benefit any of us but to benefit the youth of our village and we praise God that there have been great results from our Roosters team,” says CEO Tofilau.

The partnership between SSAB and the Executive of the Moamoa Rooster’s Sports Club is based on sharing the same heart of giving back to the village, and expecting nothing in return.

“Thank you Tevaga and also to your Treasurer Muliagatele Fainu’ulelei James Ah Wai, for your hard work in coordinating and developing our rugby team. The more voluntary work you do, the more blessings you, your children and family will receive,” said Tofilau during the handover.

Tofilau acknowledged two former Manu Samoa players – Reupena Levasa and Sam Moala –  who have joined the Moamoa Rugby Club to help out with coaching, fitness and trainings.

CEO Tofilau Fiti Leung Wai and her husband Tuatagaloa Aumua Ming Leung Wai are residents of Moamoa and dedicated supporters of the Moamoa Roosters rugby team.

According to Acting President Tevaga, the sponsorship funds will be used to pay for the team’s registrations at various tournaments, strappings, ice and water for trainings, fund allowance for the most valuable player after each game to name a few. SSAB is also providing a new uniform for the rugby team.

In addition to SSAB’s donation, the company continues to provide casual employment opportunities for rugby players of the Moamoa Roosters where they are each paid five tala (5tala) an hour.

“It’s not once you have supported us, you have done it many times” says Acting President Tevaga.

Published across local and international media is the son and star player of the Moamoa Roosters Rugby team, Theodore McFarland who has been signed by Saracens rugby union club in England.

Theo’s entire rugby journey while in Samoa was with the Moamoa Roosters before he got selected for the Manu Samoa.

“Theo is an inspiration for the youth of Samoa. He started from our Roosters rugby team and look at where he is now. It’s the result of commitment and hard work. If Theo can do it then our other rugby players can do it too if they are committed and hardworking” says CEO Tofilau.