SNPF Announces Small Loan Entitlements to be Processed via Online Portal


Sat 26 March 2022, Apia Samoa. The Chief Executive Officer of the Samoa National Development Fund, Pauli Prince Suhren confirmed today that an Online Portal is now available for all SNPF members to start making online small loans and loan entitlement applications from midnight tonight as the country is still in Alert Level 3 lockdown until the 5th of April.

Pauli Prince Suhren said the initiative has been put in pace in view of the covid-19, however, members will need to register on the SNPF online portal which provides more services such as provide balances of accounts and contributions.

“We have decided to focus on the small loan that is referred to as the entitlement which everyone is well aware of, for this time, and are holding off on other types of loans at this time…”

“Ua taofia uma a tatou nonoagatupe eseese ae ua nao le pau lea o le vaega lea ua mafai ona faatino i le taimi nei e galulue ai foi le ofisa ia taumafai lava ina ia maua le auaunaga aemaise lava le nonogatupe lea ua masani uma ai tatou lea e taua o le entitle, poo small loan.”

Pauli said registering on the online portal will also make is easier to access SNPF annual dividends, when it is time to distribute these. “Each member has a unique access code to the portal.”

The SNPF Online Portal was established in August 2019 and it is the fastest way for checking members contribution funds, and Pauli says there are more than 13,000 members who have already registered and have been using the portal.

Pauli said the mininum contribution has to be $230 tala before a member can apply for the entitlement.

“From midnight tonight, you can start to process your small loan on the protal”

The SNPF Portal includes a registration form which the member will have to download. Two personal IDs are required for registration, and the user is then given a personal user name and password linked to their NPF number.  The online portal instructions will be uploaded to SNPF’s facebook page, said Pauli, where step by step instructions will be given.

“There is also a step where the form is witnessed by a court registrar, a lawyer or a doctor,” said Pauli.

“O lea tuuina atu i luga o le tatou facebook page le pepa o faamatalaga lea ina ia mafai ai e le au fai saofaga uma ona maua le login lea ia ma o lau form lea e faatumu, e uma foi ona molimauina e se ofisa o tulafono poo se loia poo se fomai foi.”

Pauli says the SNPF team are working towards the goal of processing all types of loans on the online portal.