Samoa Registers Third Covid-Related Death and Three Cases in ICU

TTM Motootua National Hospital. Photo: Julius Netzler, SGN.

Thursday 7 April 2022, Apia Samoa. The Ministry of Health in its latest update has confirmed Samoa’s third covid-related case as an 87-year-old male who was unvaccinated, with no known comorbidities. The Ministry also confirmed that there are now three critical cases at the Intensive Care Unit. It is the first time cases have been reported in the ICU since the outbreak.

There are a further 12 cases in the managed isolation ward of Motootua National Hospital. There are no numbers stated for Tuasivi Hospital in Savaii, where Samoa’s second covid-related death was registered on April 3rd.

As was seen in other parts of the world, the elderly are the most at risk for covid-related deaths. There are 186 elderly registered has having tested positive. Compared to the previous report where there were 165 elderly, that is an additional 21 cases in the last 24 hours.

This is the second covid-related death for Samoa where the Ministry has stated the deceased was unvaccinated. Samoa has been rolling out mass vaccinations for the over a year now. Over 90% of adults over 18 have been double vaxxed with AstraZeneca and the booster campaign is currently underway.

As at 2pm Wed 6 April 2022.

“The public is advised that information about the deceased will remain confidential out of respect for the family” the Ministry says in a statement.

Compared to yesterday’s numbers, Savaii has taken a increase of 41 – from 77 to 118 today.

In the last 24 hours, 275 new cases were recorded to take Samoa’s total number of confirmed community cases to 2,997 since the outbreak.

In yesterday’s report, the Ministry declares Samoa’s “attack rate” as 10.7%, while stating that Faleata 4 and Vaimauga 4 are the districts with the highest attack rates.

According to the Ministry’s statement 1,583 remain active cases. The number of recoveries was not stated in the latest update.

If the difference between recorded cases and active cases less deaths is calculated, then the number of recovered cases for Samoa can be assumed to be 1,391