Parents Line Up to Obtain Proof of Immunisation for Student Enrolment


Hundreds of parents were seen lined up outside the Ministry of Health’s immunisation unit to obtain proof of their children’s records, now a compulsory requirement for school enrolment.

Since the measles epidemic last year all schools in Samoa now require parents to submit proof of students’ history of immunisation as part of the enrolment process.

One mother told Samoa Global News that she had travelled from Savaii today, on the 6am ferry. Her daughter has just completed Year 13 and she was hoping she could pre-enrol at the National University of Samoa tomorrow.  She was elated about her daughter obtaining the 200 marks needed to enrol in the University Preparatory Year (UPY).

“Talosia e maua nei le pepa tui, ona mafai ai loa laia ona ave e faaulu i le NUS si a’u tama”.

Samoa Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) Results for High School leavers were made available last Friday, and the National University of Samoa (NUS) has announced pre-enrolment this week, with all new students requiring “proof of immunisation up to date as of 2019”.