No Government Official Received Samoans For Ceasefire March and Petition


Translated from Faa-samoa files

Peaceful protesters marched through the streets of Apia, early Wednesday morning, heading to the Government Building to present a petition with over 800 signatures, urging the Samoan Government “to take a public stand and call for a total and permanent ceasefire and bring an end to the siege and blockade of civilians in Gaza and the West Bank.”

However, despite having being notified 2 weeks prior to the event, no one from Government met the group to receive the petition.

Samoans For Ceasefire group member, Maposua Tanya Toailoa, expressed their  disappointment at the Government’s no show. “It’s disappointing. We sent a letter to invite a representative of the Government to receive our petition. This petition, its just a formal way of presenting how we feel.”

“Ua oo mai lava le faanoanoa. O le matou savali ua leva ona faailoa i le tatou Malo. Sa momoli lava le tusi aloaia e invite ai se Sui o le Malo e momoli aloaia iai matou sainigalima. O lenei foi petition, ua na o se auala e faaleo ai lagona.”

“The Government was supposed to send a representative. They just needed to receive our request, because no one makes decisions for Government. We are trusting the leaders of our country to make the right decisions.”

“O le auala sa tatau ona uia e le Malo, e afio mai se Sui o le Kapeneta poo le Malo. Na o na omai lava e momoli atu ai le feau, aua e leai se isi e faia tonu o tatou Malo. O lea ua avatu lava le faatuatuaga ia i latou e taitaia le tatou atunuu, e faia ai e latou le faaiuga tatau.”

Despite the disappointment however, Samoans For Ceasefire are not giving up.

“We will find another way to get send our message.”

“Ia o le a saili se isi auala e faoo ai le matou feau.”

The government’s decision not to register a vote in the UNGA on October 26th was the catalyst for SAMOANS FOR CEASEFIRE to form and take action.

The Peace & Security vote in the UNGA was for a resolution calling for an immediate, durable and sustained humanitarian truce between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza. The resolution also demanded a continuous, sufficient and unhindered provision of lifesaving supplies and services for civilians.

Reuters reports at least 16,000 Palestinians have lost their lives in the Gaza War, of which about 70% are women and children under the age of 18.