The Chan Mow Story – Serving Samoa Since 1950


11 March, 2019 Apia Samoa.  It started with a small restaurant in 1950 and with four employees.

Decades later it is one of the growing Supermarkets in Samoa giving more than 200 people opportunities to be in full time employment.

This was the testimony by one of Lotte Chan Mow and Chan Yat Mow’s (popularly known to people as Amau) children Patrick Komisi Chan Mow in his interview with the media during the celebration of 69 years since the business was established.

The celebration was commemorated with the blowing of the cake by the grand children and the chance for customers to enjoy the discounted specials in store throughout this whole week.

Komisi says their parents worked very hard to establish and grow this business.

“Our mom was just 24 years old then when she and our father started the business,” he said.

“Sa tagi lava i lima le taumafaiga a nai o matou matua i le taimi lena a’o matou aooga uma.

“O le amataga o le pisinisi e na’o laua a ma le tuagane a lo’u tina ma lesi fafine e na’o le toafa latou na amataina le pisinisi i na vaitaimi o le taimi la lenei ua ova ma le 200 le aufaigaluega lea ua iai.”

Asked about the challenges Mr Komisi said it was the effort and time their parents put into their business.

“O le taimi lea o matou laiti uma lava o lae matou te aooga ae sa fai lava, sa lē faalogologotiga ae sa faatuatua lava i le Atua nai o matou matua i lena taimi.”

Mr Komisi Chan Mow said their business started with a small restaurant because their father was also a very talented chef.

Speaking of when the business was established Mr Komisi said even though they were young they were made to experience a working life from their parents.

“Sixty nine years is a long time I was very young at that time,” he recalled.

“I still remember the time when the business started even though we were young we still have to contribute to the business and we have to help them out.

“When we started with the restaurant we had to wash the dishes and serve the tables even at that age we had to experience the working life.”

Lastly Mr Komisi acknowledged God for always being there for their family from the beginning and most especially their clients and partners for their continuous support throughout the years.