Triathlon Samoa Depart for Tri NZ Sprint Championship and Oceania Junior Cup in Napier


Samoa’s Triathlon team set and ready for the Oceania Junior Cup departed Faleolo for New Zealand on Sunday 18 February 2024.

The competition will be held in conjunction with the Tri NZ Sprint Championships at Ahiriri Beach, Napier on the 25th of February 2024.

Triathlon Samoa is being hosted in New Zealand by the USO Bike Ride club. Meriama Taufale and Christine Peterson of Uso Bike Ride met the team at Auckland airport for the five hour drive to Napier.

Meriama Taufale and Christine Peterson of ‘USO Bike Ride’ drove 5 hours from Napier to meet Samoa’s Triathlon team at the airport. Faafetai tele.

Samoa’s Triathlon team is being led by Manager Sade Schwalger. The team includes Urlin Mulitalo, Manamea Schwalger, Tyreece Collins and Team Captain Gideon Mulitalo.

“We are excited for our triathletes and proud of them,” said Triathlon Samoa’s Executive Secretary, Lani Young. “They have worked hard to prepare for this event.”

Samoa’s Triathlon team for Napier L-R: Manager Sade Schwalger, Urlin Mulitalo, Manamea Schwalger, Tyreece Collins and Team Captain Gideon Mulitalo.

President of Triathlon Samoa, Alan Schwalger acknowledged the support from donors, supporters, friends and athletes’ families.

“It really does take a village. Behind every triathlete flying away to represent Samoa, are so many family, friends and volunteers who have dedicated time, money, and resources to get them here,” said the President.

“Thank you to the parents and coaches and to all our triathlon supporters.”

All-smiles during the 5 hour drive to Napier. Thank you Uso Bike Ride.

“We are very grateful to the Uso Bike Ride club for their generous assistance towards Triathlon Samoa,” added President Alan Schwalger.

“We wouldn’t be able to participate at the New Zealand sprints without them. Their commitment and support has made it possible for our young athletes to feature at the Oceania Junior Cup.”

Team Captain Gideon Mulitalo will be racing in the Tri NZ Suzuki Series AG Sprint Champs.

Some of Triathlon Samoa’s 2024 Executive Board

Triathlon Samoa is led by its Executive Board. President – Alan Schwalger, Vice President – Faleaana Wolly Collins, Secretary – Lani Young, Treasurer – Line Mulitalo and Board Members – Beth Evans and Sinapi Epa.

Triathlon Samoa is an athlete-centred sports organisation and it’s Executive Board has two Athlete Reps – Gideon Mulitalo and Manamea Schwalger.

If you’d like to donate and support Samoa’s young athletes working hard and training for International events Click on the Link Here.

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