Limited Data on Daily Updates – Total Community Cases Recorded Reaches 841


Saturday 26 March 2023 Apia Samoa.  The Ministry of Health confirmed 93 new community cases in the past 24 hours (as at 2pm Friday 25 March) taking the total number of recorded community cases since 17th March 2022 to 841, with a total to date of 814 cases recorded in Upolu and 27 in Savaii. The data is limited, as the Ministry now defaults to a daily summary of new cases by island, with no identified clusters or information on places of interest for the public to know if they are at risk as close contacts. The number of at risk people identified through contact tracing which had accompanied previous updates, is now also unavailable.

Of the 841 current cases recorded in the community, the Ministry of Health confirms that 827 remain as active cases. It is assumed, therefore, that 14 cases may have recovered. 

An additional four cases are being held at the TTM national hospital, up from 8 reported yesterday to 11 today. 

Savaii has increased from 22 reported yesterday, to 27 today. Cases continue to climb in Upolu from up by 88 new cases to 814 from the 726 as of yesterday.

This more detailed analysis of data was issued on Monday but has not been made available since.

The good news is that Manono and Apolima remain covid-free and there are no cases in ICU. 

Disaggregated data by gender reveals 58% of confirmed community cases are female while 42% are male,” the statement reads.

An assessment by age is given by the Ministry as, “54% of confirmed cases are 29 and below; 38% are between the ages of 30 and 59; 6% are those aged 60 and over with 2% of unknown age”. 

There were cases in the age group 0-5 years in a previous report, however, no mention is made of this vulnerable age group in this latest update.  

The Ministry confirms that a total of 14,806 RATs have been administered to date, however, the number of tests conducted for the period being reported is now no longer made available. A percentage of positive cases to tests administered is therefore unavailable. 

The approach to vaccination sites has today shifted to a drive-through service with eight locations announced this morning. 

  1. EPI blue building of the MOH opposite Seb and Rene Store at Motootua
  2. Malaefatu Park opposite Tanoa at Sogi
  3. SROS (Scientific Research Organization of Samoa Compound) at Papauta
  4. In-Front of Government Building at Matagialalua
  5. Vaitele Market
  6. SSFA Gym 1 at Tuanaimato
  7. SSFA Multi-Purpose Gym at Tuanaimato
  8. Apia Park – Car Park


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