Samoa Airways Twin Otter Undergoing Comprehensive Makeover in Canada


APIA- Samoa 11 June 2024 – In a rare sight, aircraft parts are being meticulously disassembled at Unity Aviation Canada’s warehouse, where one of Samoa Airways’ three Twin Otters is undergoing a comprehensive makeover.

The retrofit project, funded by Samoa Airways and loan financing, represents a significant investment that promises a high return, given the extensive mechanical and engineering tasks being carried out by Unity Aviation Canada Ltd,” stated Fauoo Taua Fatu Tielu, CEO of Samoa Airways.

The aircraft, registered under Samoa Airways as 5W-FAW, is now under the care of Unity Aviation Canada Ltd and this week, the crew commenced the disassembly process, preparing for paint and stripping inspections,” Fauoo said.

According to the press release the Unity crew have already removed the engines, props, flight controls, wings, H/Stab, V/Stab, rudder, elevators, interior, and avionics.

“Currently, the fuel system is being dismantled, and the wings are undergoing paint stripping.”

“This marks an exciting milestone for Samoa Airways as we embark on this retrofit project to enhance safety and reliability for our passengers,” added Fauo’o.

Two pilots from Planes and Parts Ltd, a Canadian company contracted by Samoa Airways to fly the aircraft to Calgary, were in Apia last month, collaborating with Samoa Airways engineers and staff to prepare the aircraft for its journey to Canada.

With three additional fuel tanks installed inside the aircraft, the flight took 15 hours directly from Faleolo to Hilo Hawaii, where the crew rested before continuing on to Canada.

Inflatable fuel tanks

The aircraft is expected to return in November, just in time for the busy Christmas season.The next twin otter aircraft is expected to be ferried to Canada next year around February or March 2025.

SOURCE – Samoa Airways.