Repatriation Flights from American Samoa Confirmed


The American Samoa Government has agreed for repatriation flights for Samoan citizens stranded in the territory due to the COVID pandemic.

Announcing the flights, National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) Chairman Agafili Tomaimano Shem Leo the flights is exclusively for returning citizens from American Samoa and will NOT take back any passengers.

At a press conference, Agafili who is also Secretary to Cabinet noted that the repatriation flight is in line with the Government’s COVID 19 Border Security and taking into account the postflood relief and rehabilitation and reconstruction from the flooding that greatly affected the country last week.

He advises all Samoan citizens who are stranded in the territory due to the COVID19 lockdown and wishing to come home to register with the Consular General of Samoa Manogiamanu Fonoti Etuale in the Government’s Consular’s Office in American Samoa.

But there are conditions for returning citizens to meet before they can come home.

  • Complete your medical clearance, or negative COVID 19 test, to register with our office in American Samoa based Government Office.
  • Samoan citizens who are also permanent residents in American Samoa who may wish to travel over for the festive season or to visit families are not eligible.

(The American Samoa Government made it clear that all incoming travelers from Samoa including Samoa citizens with permanent residents in the territory are prohibited from entering American Samoa until further notice.

This means, if you travel here (Samoa), you cannot return to American Samoa and you will have to stay here until the boarders are reopened.

The territory is not allowing any passengers flights from Samoa because of their boarders’ prevention policies.

Samoan citizens in American Samoa are advised to register with Consular General Manogiamanu Fonoti Etuale in the territory but they must provide the following clearances to be allowed to come home.

  • a medical clearance
  • negative COVID 19 test