Prime Minister’s Announcement Friday 18 March 2022


Good evening,

Following the identification of our first community case yesterday afternoon, Cabinet was advised this evening that eleven (11) confirmed positive communitycases were recorded today from various testing sites. Some of these cases have developed symptoms and others remain asymptomatic. All of them have been referred to, and closely monitored in isolation sites. 

The rise in the number of community cases in just two days, reflects the experiences and trends in other countries that have been affected due to the high level of the virus’ transmissibility. Hence why it is important for us to comply with health measures, and conditions prescribed under our State of Emergency Orders, to help to slow and contain the rapid spread of the virus.

From midnight tonight, our Alert level will shift to level 3 until Tuesday, midnight(22 March). In the hope of ensuring that our country continues to access essential services during this period, relevant amendments have been made to some conditions that were announced last night.

These include services such as supermarkets, wholesales, small shops, petrol services, pharmacies, fish and fresh produce markets, rubbish disposal services, cooking gas, and restaurants for takeaway only, will be opened on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday from 8am to 2.00pm in the afternoon. These services will not open on Sunday.  

We encourage the public to use services that are available nearby their homes and villages, as part of our zoning requirements for level 3, to help to contain the spread of the virus. 

The Police will lead the enforcement of the Orders from tonight however, the assistance rendered through our village Councils with the enforcement of village curfews, will help our national efforts to safeguard our communities. The details of SOE Orders will be released through government information channels.

It is well over two years since we began our efforts to keep COVID 19 at bay, and we have done well. But it was always a matter of time for the virus to reach the community. We are now in that situation. However, we shall continue to work together as a nation, and rise above this challenge with fervent faith in our God and believe in His healing power.

God bless and good night.