Jesus Willingly Laid Down His Life To Bring Us Back To God


Happy Wednesday Saints.

We’ve seen that because of the Father’s GREAT LOVE for the world, He sent Jesus to save us.

Jesus knew exactly why He was sent here from heaven, stating in Luke 19:10 that He came “TO SEEK AND TO SAVE THE LOST.”

And Jesus wasn’t an unwilling participant either; He said in John 10:11&18, “I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD, THE GOOD SHEPHERD SACRIFICES HIS LIFE FOR THE SHEEP… I SACRIFICE IT VOLUNTARILY.”

What a wonderful Saviour Jesus is. So full of love and compassion for humanity. He willingly left the glories of Heaven to come and save us all. That’s right, Jesus came for YOU.

As you celebrate His birth and first coming this Christmas, remember why He was born in the first place – to reconcile you to God.

The Father loves you with an everlasting love, and He longs to be in your life, leading you and guiding you every step of the way.

Open your heart to Him today, and be blessed!

Be at peace in His great love for you, and have a fantastic day. God bless, and lots’a love,


Pastor Warren Retzlaff