Independent Water Scheme Completes European Union-Funded Project


The Samoa Independent Water Schemes Association (SIWSA) is nearing completion of its European Union‐funded project that provided improved the capacity of communities to better manage water resources.

The project worth EUR 490,000 has allowed SIWSA to capture the current condition of all independent water schemes in Samoa through the development of drinking water safety plans (DWSPs).

Another four drinking water safety plans have been endorsed (Patamea IWS, Paia IWS, Matautu IWS & Solosolo IWS) by the Joint Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) sector steering committee.

The WaSH committee meets quarterly and comprises CEOs from key implementing agencies, non‐government organisations, the private sector, and representatives from key development partners.

The letter of endorsement from the Ministry of Health is the requirement for a DWSP to be tabled in the Joint WaSH committee meetings. SIWSA then presents a summary of the DWSPs with a particular focus on the risks to each scheme’s WSS, corrective actions, and ways government ministries can help. Once committee members are in agreement, the DWSPs are endorsed.

23 DWSPs have been endorsed since the start of the project.

Drinking water safety plans provide a good baseline for water committees to improve the operation and maintenance of their water networks.

SIWSA acknowledged the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ministry of Health & the Ministry of Women, Community & Social Development for their respective key roles in the development of each community DWSP.