Home News Local Former Manu Samoa Prop Palemia Lilomaiava Dies at Age 63

Former Manu Samoa Prop Palemia Lilomaiava Dies at Age 63

Former Manu Samoa Prop Palemia Lilomaiava Dies at Age 63

Former Manu Samoa Prop Lilomaiava Sialesa Palemia Lilomaiava has passed away, just after celebrating his 63rd birthday last month.

Playing as Palemia Lilomaiava, the former Manu Samoa prop was first called in to represent his country at the 1991 World Cup. He played in the historic test match between Samoa and the All Blacks at Eden Park in July 1993.

Lilomaiava’s daughter Sinalalokava Sialesa Palemia Lilomaiava shared with Samoa Global News,

Sinalalokava said her father was admitted to Motootua National Hospital last week Thursday, and passed away peacefully on Easter Saturday 8th April 2023.

“Although it was sudden, we find strength in the presence of God, and we are comforted by the Lord.”

“O loo maua pea le loto tele i le pa’i mai o aao o Le Alii, e ui ina faateia foi si o matou aiga i le tala sa oo mai ae sa maua pea le loto mafanafana ona o loo faatasi mai le agaga o Le Alii.”

According to Sinalalokava her father was working at the Samoa Post Office from 1979 until he started his career in rugby in 1985.

” O le maua mafutaga ma lo’u tamā e faagalogatā laga o au sa gafa ma le tausiga o ou matua.”

“O se tamā e alofa i lona aiga, lona nuu ma lona ekalesia.O lou tamā foi o se tamā e toa lona loto o se tagata finau mo le lelei o tagata o lona aiga ma lona nuu. O se tamā e alofa i lana fanau ma fanau o ana fanau ae maise fanau ma le aiga o lona toalua.”

” O lana tala ia au ae lei mai pe maliu o matou fanau o matou manuia ia ia ia tausi ma faapelepele ia latou ina ia iu lelei aoga ma aoga mo matou lumanai.”

“We love and miss you dad so much.”

In her grief, Sinalalokava Lilomaiava also wanted to send sincere condolences to the children and family of a most loved and dedicated teacher of Pesega College, Mr Tuasivi Elisara, who also passed away on Easter Sunday morning – the day her father died.



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