Follow Up Test for 16 Year Old Still Positive – With Weaker Readings


18 February 2021, Apia Samoa. Follow up testing of passengers from the Friday 12th February repatriation flight have all returned negative results, except for the 16 year old who remains positive, however, with weaker readings evident by a higher threshold cycle reading.

As explained by Leausa Dr Take Naseri, the higher the threshold cycle, the lower the concentration of viral genetic material, associated with lower risk of infectivity.

“The young man’s positive reading has weakened.. for example, the threshold cycle was in the 30s, and in yesterday’s test, it has increased again, indicating a weaker reading,” said Leausa.

“He also remains asymptomatic in isolation, monitored around the clock by a team of health care workers taking 8-hour shifts,” he added.

The Director of Health says there are dedicated teams that work in shifts, including the Doctor taking swabs, Laboratory Workers, Nurses, as well as personnel in the crucial area of Health Care Waste.

Health Care Workers assigned to Samoa’s only isolated case of Covid19, are currently in camp and Dr Leausa says our frontliners will be further quarantined before they are able to return to their families.

Dr Leausa said the usual Press Conference update with media will follow later today.

Sina Retzlaff