Faleatiu Primary School Destroyed by Fire


The Faleatiu Primary School buildings were destroyed by a fire that broke out at around 3pm on Friday afternoon.


A witness went online with a live feed showing smoke coming from the classrooms. He continued his live feed and about four minutes later, the whole block of rooms was on fire.


Students were seen trying desperately to carry furniture and school books out of the rooms.

Many were calling out for their computers to be saved while the person filming stood a safe distance and called to them to stop.

“We’re too late. Come away from there. It’s not safe.”

“Ua tuai tatou. Sole o ese mai. Ua le sefe.”

On the live feed members of the public watching called for the safety of the youth seen running into burning buildings.

Despite the situation clearly getting dangerous, students and village youth were still seen running in to save their school assets.

Commissioner of Samoa’s Fire and Emergency Services Authority, Tanuvasa Petone Mauga confirmed it was the Faleatiu Primary School compound, and investigations continue as to the cause of the fire.