Enjoy the Present and Appreciate all that God Has Already Blessed You With


Happy Friday Saints. Philippians 4:11

“I HAVE LEARNED TO BE CONTENT WHATEVER THE CIRCUMSTANCES.” You control how content you are. You don’t have to be dissatisfied, disappointed, or disheartened with what you’ve got or with where you’re currently at in life. A lot of our discontentedness is the result of comparing ourselves to others.

This also is within your own control. You control whether or not you compare yourself to other people. You control whether you’re going to be thankful and content with what you do have or whether you’re going to be disheartened and discontent until… Until what? Well, that’s just it.

Some people are never satisfied or content. They always want MORE. And not long after they’ve acquired something new or they’ve amassed more, they want more again.

Jesus said in Luke 12:15, “BEWARE! GUARD AGAINST EVERY KIND OF GREED. LIFE IS NOT MEASURED BY HOW MUCH YOU OWN.” No amount of money or material possessions can satisfy the human soul.

We were created for more than just the acquiring of things. We were created to have a relationship with God. We were created to give and receive love. We were created to use our gifts to help one another.

We were created to serve one another. We were created to have meaningful connections with people. And as long as we try to fulfill these basic desires with material things, we will never be content. Saints, life’s too short to waste comparing ourselves with others. And filling our wallets while our hearts remain empty is worthless and meaningless. Make the most of what you’ve got.

Being content will help you enjoy the present and appreciate all that God has already blessed you with. You can be free from the pressures of comparisons and have joy today.

Like the Apostle Paul, “LEARN TO BE CONTENT.” Take it easy on yourself and relax. Have a peaceful, restful, and blessed weekend. Lots’a love, Warren

Pastor Warren Retzlaff