Digicel and Nofotane Group SVSG join forces for a Greener Samoa


Wednesday, February 13 2019 – Apia, Samoa – Digicel and the Nofotane Women under SVSG’s economic empowerment program have launched a partnership to make multi-purpose reusable bags that can be stashed in your compartment or handbag.

In the wake of Samoa’s recent ban on plastic grocery bags and other single-use plastics, the telecommunications and entertainment provider, in collaboration with Signs Studio at Vaitele, are supporting the nation-wide plastic ban while at the same time, give the self-employed Nofotane women an opportunity to earn additional income, from printing and sewing reusable bags for Digicel.

Farid Mohammed, Digicel Samoa CEO said: “We congratulate the Government of Samoa in taking this call to action and making these changes that will benefit all of us with an environment and surrounding that is free from the effects of plastic and for a greener Samoa.”

“This has given us the perfect opportunity to reach out to the community and help develop this group of women and their families by sewing and putting together reusable bags to be available for purchase at our stores, with 100% of the earnings going back to them to help their small businesses.”

Digicel has held a special place in the midst of normal business operations for community based work, and this initiative has encouraged the Nofotane women to foray into their fields of creativity and to earn an income by creating what is seen as the best alternative to plastic.

According to Luisa Sauileao, a Nofotane woman of Siumu, “We are happy and grateful to Digicel for this initiative; because not only will we be able to showcase our talents but also, it will enable us to earn an income to support our children and families.”

“Thank you so much Digicel for supporting the sustainability of the Nofotane women’s economic empowerment.  SVSG’s standing remains; that a Nofotane woman will always be a Nofotane; it is not attempting to change this aspect of our culture, but merely aims to ensure that their voices are heard and their contributions to families and communities are recognized.”  Siliniu Lina Chang, SVSG President

The Digicel/Nofotane reusable bags will be available at all Digicel retail outlets in Upolu and Savaii, all sales will go directly to the Nofotane women under SVSG’s Program.