BSP Samoa and ABV (Australian Business Volunteers) Successfully Complete “YES GROW” Program for Small Businesses

"The insights and support we received have been transformative for our business.."

SME representatives during the YES WE-GROW traning scaled

BSP Samoa and ABV (Australian Business Volunteers) are pleased to announce the successful completion of the structured “YES GROW” activities, with ongoing mentoring for small businesses to continue through December 2024.

With Sili and Faafetai Apelu of Taufua Beach Resort

SME representatives and participants said they are incredibly thankful to BSP and ABV for this invaluable program. 

“The insights and support we received have been transformative for our business..”

This initiative aimed to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing strategic and practical support tailored to their specific business needs.

ABV Ms Jennie Connolly with Clara Ah Kuoi of SAK’s Rentals.

Jone Vuli, Head of Corporate for BSP said, the “YES GROW” program exemplified the bank’s commitment to fostering growth and development within the SME sector.

 We are proud of the positive impact this initiative has had on the participating businesses.”

The program was facilitated by two skilled ABV facilitators Ms Jennie Connolly and Mr Chris Maddock, who are business experts renowned for their ability to offer comprehensive assistance to SMEs.

The participants in the program were randomly selected from various industries around Apia, ensuring a diverse representation of the SME sector. This marked the beginning of an intensive and supportive journey for these businesses. 

The program officially commenced in June with a series of structured activities. Each participant engaged in one-on-one sessions with the ABV Volunteers.

The personalized meetings allowed the volunteers to understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by each business.

Following the individual consultations, two separate three-day workshops provided participants with practical knowledge and strategic insights essential for business growth. 

The content was designed to be interactive, ensuring participants could actively engage and apply the learnings to their business contexts.

Important Reminder from BSP

In addition to the workshops, each participant received one hour of personalized coaching tailored to address specific issues and provide ongoing support, helping participants implement the strategies discussed during the workshops.

The participants will receive ongoing mentoring throughout the remaining months of 2024.

The mentorship approach was designed to provide sustained guidance and assistance, ensuring that each business could fully leverage the benefits of the program.