Unit Trust Of Samoa 2024 Financial Results & Dividend Announcement


The Unit Trust of Samoa is pleased to announce that it has closed off another successful and  profitable financial year. 

The positive results are largely attributable to the strong performance of the Trust’s equity  investments coupled with its ordinary interest income. The investment landscape remains  challenging but the Trust remains resilient and closed the financial year 2024 with a total  investment portfolio of SAT$290million; a SAT$40million increase relative to 2023.  

The Board and Trustees have therefore approved and declared a dividend payout of 7.5sene per  unit which is equivalent to a dividend yield of 4.05%. 

Capital gains during the year amounted to 8.19% and together with the 4.05% dividend  yield, we are pleased to announce a total return of 12.24%. This is the highest total return  recorded by the Trust since 2014. 

The dividend payment per unit will be made based on the balance of units held as at 30th June  2024. A total of SAT$9.34million will be distributed and will benefit 5,983 unitholders of the  Trust. Eligible unitholders will be able to cash out their dividends from Wednesday, 10th July  2024. 

Tevaga Viane Tagiilima, the CEO of the UTOS Management Company, conveyed on behalf of  the Board and Trustees, Management and Staff, his gratitude and appreciation to all its  unitholders and stakeholders, for trusting UTOS over the years, which is evident in the increasing  number of new unitholders at the year end.  

UTOS (Trust) is a private trust owned by the Unitholders with its assets entrusted to a Trustee  Company which holds in trust the funds of the unit holders. These funds are invested into a  diversified portfolio of assets ranging from term deposits, government securities and shares in  privately owned companies. Its social objective is inclusivity; allowing for accessible and  affordable investment for ordinary Samoans. Its commercial objective is to generate sustainable  returns for the unit holders from a risk assessed and balanced investment portfolio.

Should you need further information regarding your investment account with the Unit Trust of  Samoa please contact +685 29916 or +685 26949 or email info@utos.ws or via our Facebook  page Unit Trust of Samoa.