All Travellers to be Assessed on a Case by Case Basis


The Ministry of Health have issued an updated set of requirements for all travellers into Samoa.

Updated as of 05 February 2021

Special Travel Advice for Travellers Entering Samoa

Due to the emergence and rapid transmission of COVID19 variant detected and identified in the United Kingdom and South Africa;


  1. All travelers originating from or transiting from overseas countries will be assessed on a case by case basis before granted entry. ALL are advised to communicate straight to the Samoa Health Authorities 21 days before planned travel time via below email.


  1. Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Island Countries and US Territories (except American Samoa) passengers are required to comply with the following: 
    1. Medical Clearance within 72 hours before arrival time into Auckland New Zealand.
    2. Negative rtPCR COVID test within 72 hours before arrival time into Auckland New Zealand.
    3. Repeated rtPCR is required if transit time is more than 32 hours in transit at any port. If you are not staying airside you are required to provide in addition a repeated new Medical report.
    4. Blood Serology for COVID19 Antibody Test within 5 days before boarding from original port of travel.
    5. Passengers who have completed COVID-19 vaccination should provide evidence from a certified provider stating date of first and second doses, with name of vaccine used, with stamp of provider for verification.
    6. Expect managed quarantine and isolation to be extended to 21 days or more 
    7. Medical clearance report, rtPCR results and Antibody test are required for assessment before boarding
    8. All passengers originating from New Zealand are;
      1. Exempted from doing a Blood Serology Antibody Test if you have stayed for more than 28 days or have just completed 14 days and not exceeding 32 hours after discharge from a Managed Isolation and Quarantine facility in New Zealand.
      2. Only required to provide Medical Clearance and rtPCR tests reports within 72 hours before boarding,

2.   Passengers from American Samoa are required to provide

    1. Medical Clearance sign by attending physician within 72 hours before boarding 
    2. rtPCR tests reports within 72 hours before boarding,
    3. Expect exemption from quarantine on arrival. this requirement may change without notice from time to time depending on COVID-19 Risk Status


Cargo, Tankers and Fishing Vessels:

  1. ALL New joining crew are required to;
      1. Provide medical reports, 
      2. COVID19 rtPCR test result and 
      3. Blood serology for COVID19 Antibody test from last port before arrival into Samoa, within the last 30 days

2.  ALL other Sea vessels crew who have been on the vessel for more than 30 days are required to provide from last port;

      1. Medical Clearance report, 
      2. COVID19 rtPCR test result

3.  All Tankers, Cargo Ships and Fishing vessels Entering Samoa with crew change at any port must complete 14 days out at sea before entering Samoa.

All vessels are assessed on a case by case basis.


4.  Any Traveller, Flight and Sea Vessel Crew with a history of a positive COVID 19 rtPCR test is not allowed to enter Samoa:

    • Unless Six (6) months have passed from date of the first positive test result;
    • Must provide genome sequencing test of the virus if available;
    • Must provide proof of 3 consecutive negative test results at least 7 days apart after six months have passed;
    • Must have a blood serology for COVID19 Antibody test done within 5 days before departure and
    • All COVID 19 PCR test results, genomic sequencing test and Serology tests must be submitted via email to Director General of Health on email and Dr Robert Thomsen email
    • Failure to do so can result in no board or entry denied.


Your compliance with the conditions listed is imperative to ensuring the safety of all travelers and our people in Samoa. We endeavor to keep Samoa COVID-19 Free.

For travel preparations and information regarding rules of quarantine visit the Ministry of Health website

The Ministry of Health appreciates your full compliance and patience on arrival as you may experience long delays.

We pray for your safe travel to Samoa.

Leausa Samau Toleafoa Dr Take Naseri

Director General of Health

Some Basic Information

  • All are required to wear a face mask at all times during the flight, upon arrival and while in quarantine.
  • You will go directly into managed isolation upon arrival into Samoa at a designated location.
  • You must change any foreign currency to Samoan Tala before traveling to Samoa as no banks will be open at the airport on arrival.
  • Minimum period of quarantine is 14 days and can change any time, and you will be informed of any changes.
  • You must bring your own personal necessities e.g. soap, tooth brush, tooth paste etc. to last for 14 days or more.
  • Passengers are advised to check in only one piece luggage (required weight 23kg)
  • You are not allowed to bring in any additional packages/parcels for delivery upon arrival into Samoa to family members etc.
  • You are required to ensure you have sufficient medications to last you three months and note your medical condition on the Health declaration card.
  • You are responsible for the cost of any medications prescribed while in quarantine.
  • You are not allowed to bring alcohol or consume any alcohol on quarantine site.
  • Passengers requiring special diets will be responsible for their own dietary needs and must inform the quarantine site staff of your dietary needs. You are responsible for costs associated with your dietary needs.
  • The cost of accommodation, breakfast and lunch during quarantine will be paid by Government. Dinner will be the passenger’s responsibility.

Travellers with Special Requirements:

  • If you have any medical conditions or above 60 years of age travelling alone and require regular medical assistance while in quarantine, you are advised to defer your travel until boarders are fully opened.
  • All travelers requiring wheelchair assistance and those with special needs must be accompanied by an adult relative in flight and during the mandatory quarantine period.

Infants and Children less than 18 years of age:

  • All infants and children should be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for the duration of the quarantine period.
  • A written consent is required from parent or legal guardian for any child going into quarantine alone.
  • Parents are advised that all children’s immunisations are up to date especially measles vaccines due to the recent outbreak.
  • Parents/legal guardian travelling with infants/child must ensure sufficient supplies of basic needs e.g. milk, wipes, diapers, formula etc. for the duration of quarantine.

There are penalties if the conditions of quarantine are breached. This applies to all people in quarantine leaving or individuals and families going to quarantine sites.

The Ministry of Health is not responsible or liable for any costs or lost items on arrival or while in quarantine.