“Samoa’s Mightiest Heroes”: The first Strongman competition comes to Samoa


Apia, Samoa – Excitement is mounting as the first Strongman competition comes to Samoa, supported by Taula Beverages and Digicel Samoa.

Titled “Samoa’s Mightiest Heroes,” the inaugural competition will showcase feats of strength and endurance, with athletes battling it out in events such as the deadlift, axel clean and press, sandbag carries, and atlas stones. 

Organized by Strongman athlete Misa Peter Anae, he says he is excited to bring the sport to Samoa. “We’re still building the sport locally, and we’re pleased to see it grow steadily in the past few months,” Misa says.

Strongman Samoa has been running classes at the Crossfit Fatu Toa gym at Vaitele, with more and more athletes joining weekly, especially in the lead up to the competition.

The competition itself has attracted registrations of athletes from different backgrounds and age groups, including athletes from American Samoa who are flying in to compete.

With lots of new athletes taking part in the sport, Misa says he is particularly pleased to see how Strongman has attracted female athletes who want to gain strength. “We’ve seen some incredibly strong women take part in Strongman which has been really inspiring,” says Misa. “They bring their grit and determination, proving what we’ve always known – that strength belongs to everyone.”

One such athlete is Evangeline Faanenefu Taylor-Pati who has been training hard ahead of the competition. “I have been blown away with not only my own personal strength progression, but those of my fellow strong sisters who I train alongside,” says Ms Taylor-Pati.  “The entire Strongman crew is one of fellowship and family and it’s so encouraging to have a safe space with our brothers where we are building not only our physical strength but our mental strength too.”

Misa acknowledges the support of sponsors including Taula Beverages and Digicel.  “We know there are other great sporting initiatives out there that are also deserving of support, so we offer our deepest thanks to our sponsors for seeing the value in what we’re building,” says Misa.

Misa also acknowledges Crossfit Fatu Toa for their commitment to empowering healthy and thriving communities through fitness and strength.  “Crossfit Fatu Toa’s coaching staff have a longstanding commitment to excellence, and it’s been a pleasure to learn from their expertise as we build the Strongman sport in Samoa,” says Misa.

Samoa’s Mightiest Heroes kicks off at 10AM this Saturday (27th of April 2024) at the Crossfit Fatu Toa gym at Vaitele and will also be broadcast live on BluTV’s facebook page.