Samoa Police Issued Over 50 Warnings on Day 1 of Lockdown


The Ministry of Police, Prisons and Corrections issued more than 50 warnings to members of the public from the start of the lockdown at 6pm Saturday night, to the same time Sunday afternoon.

The 50 warnings issued by police roadblocks and checkpoints across Upolu and Savaii was conveyed in a press release issued on Sunday night.

Police also urged the public to stay home and off the roads.

“Police continue to lead security and public safety since the beginning of the lockdown .

“They have been vigilant at various checkpoints and vehicle patrols around Apia and its peripheries as well as all over the country in ensuring compliance with SOE orders issued yesterday..

“More than 50 warnings have been issued for breaches of SOE Orders since the start of the lockdown…

“The public is kindly reminded that vehicles are prohibited on the roads except for the ones authorized to deliver essential services..

“Please stay home and be safe.”

When lockdown was announced petrol stations in Apia had cars lined up for petrol all day and right up to 5pm before the 6pm curfew.

One petrol station worker observed the rush to fill up cars and wondered about the panic when it was clear cars could not enter roads for the two days of lockdown.

“Its been really busy all day.. but I’m confused why everyone is rushing to fill up their cars before the lockdown when they are not allowed to be on the roads for the next 48 hours,” he had laughed.