Notice of Appointment of Receivers: Grey Investment Group


Public Notice

Grey Investment Group

Notice of Appointment of Receivers 

Stephen Keen and Mark McDonald of Grant Thornton New Zealand Limited were appointed joint and several receivers and managers of Grey Investment Group Limited (the “Company”) on 4 August 2023 under the terms of a Mortgage Debenture dated 21 May 2016; such Debenture being security for a Term Loan Agreement dated 8 June 2021. The property in receivership is all of the Company’s undertaking, property and assets.

The receivers’ office address is and enquiries may be directed to:

Grey Investment Group Limited (In Receivership) c/-Grant Thornton New Zealand Limited

PO Box 1961, Auckland 1140

New Zealand

Attention:   Stephen Keen

Telephone: +64 27 203 2674


Dated: 4 August 2023

Signed: Stephen Keen, Receiver