Former Fiji 7s Strength and Conditioning Coach Claims Fiji Rugby Union Owes him $277,000 in Unpaid Wages

“I only received three payments...I want them to pay me, it’s a black and white, they must pay what they owe me."


Source: Fiji Times, Suva Fiji. Former Fiji national rugby sevens team Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Coach Etu Tusitala claims Fiji Rugby Union owes him $277,000 Fijian dollars,  oin unpaid wages since last year.

Tusitala told The Fiji Times that FRU still owes him approximately $182,000 for the two years he worked according to his contract, during which FRU only made three payments to him.

He says an additional $95,000 is owed for the remaining year of his contract before he was told to leave.

Etu Tusitala signed his contract with Fiji Rugby in March 2022 under the leadership of former FRU CEO John O’Connor, and was issued a three-year work permit by the Fiji Immigration Department, valid until March 2025.

Speaking to Fiji Times, Etu Tusitala confirmed he had been following up with the FRU board and FRU Board of Trustees acting chairman Peter Mazey for almost a year but had not received a positive outcome.

“I have followed up with the previous administration and the current administration. No one is giving me a positive answer. Everyone is denying paying my salary,” Tusitala said.

“They still haven’t paid me for two years according to my contract for the job that I did which is around $182,000 and $95,000 from the one year which was left in my contract before I was told to leave.

“I only received three payments,” says Etu who adds he would like FRU to honour his contract and pay salaries owed.

“I want them to pay me, it’s a black and white, they must pay what they owe me..

“I do not want to fight but it’s a matter of doing the right thing. As an islander, I would rather do it traditional way to sit and talk but it’s getting me nowhere, now I’m struggling financially..

“They haven’t honoured my service. I enjoyed the passion for being here working with a powerful rugby team in the world..

“I was blessed and honoured to be part of the winning 2022 World Cup team, we did it with nothing, no resources so all I’m asking is for what is right.”

The former Fiji 7s S&C Coach had provided a copy of his contract with FRU as well as his work permit they had processed.

His time with FRU has not always been smooth sailing with several issues coming through social media from Fijian rugby players amd fans.

The FRU has been approached by mrjf Times and have not made a response.

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