Fata Ariu Levi: Author of a 3-Book Series Visits Prime Minister


Samoan author Fata Ariu Levi paid a courtesy call on Samoa Prime Minister Hon Fiame Naomi Mataafa on Monday.

The author of a 3-Book Series giving account of the last ancient human migration across the Pacific, Fata presented copies of his books to the Prime Minister and to honor her leadership as the leader of Government.

It also provided the opportunity for Fata to discuss the relevance of his writings to Samoas’ cultural and intellectual heritage.

The 3 Book Series is titled, (i) Navigators Quest for a Kingdom in Polynesia, (ii) Forging a Matriarchal Culture in Polynesian, and (iii) Founding a Christian Nation in Polynesia.

The account describes the last ancient human migration across the largest body of water in the world, on a journey to discover and colonize the over 8,000 islands of Polynesia, connecting the Asian and American continents during the Neolithic period.

It reveals the anatomy of the Polynesian Navigators’ (Samoan) migration from Asia to the East Pacific. And it shows how understanding human migration and/or immigration can enlighten us on the subliminal changing colors of our cultural mosaic identity.

No ancient human migration mystery has been studied, theorized upon, and written about more than the Polynesian journey across Eastern Pacific.

Now, finally, a sedulous effort by a culture expert and custodian of Samoan history, language, genealogy, and mythology weaves a multi-threaded motif thrqough the story of the Samoan’s arduous journey across the Pacific Ocean. The author coalesces ideas and connects the dots of a plethora of scientific studies and evidence, postulating and confirming the path of the Navigators’ migration.

Photo with Prime Minister, by Wilhermina Rose Kleis-Stanley