Court Rules Donald Trump Cannot Run in the State’s Republican Primary Election

By Tom Geoghegan (BBC News).

Colorado’s top court has ruled that Donald Trump cannot run in the state’s Republican primary election.

⁸The people who brought the case against Trump in Colorado were activists in liberal watchdog groups and a collection of anti-Trump Republican and independent voters.

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold – who had declined to act unilaterally to block Mr Trump from the state’s primary – issued a response to the court’s decision on Wednesday that didn’t exactly drip with enthusiasm.

“This decision may be appealed,” she said. “I will follow the court decision that is in place at the time of ballot certification.”

Donald Trump cannot run for president in Colorado because of his actions ahead of the January 6 riot. So what does this mean for the general election?

The ruling said Mr Trump was ineligible as a candidate in the state’s Republican primary contest because part of the US Constitution disqualifies people who engage in insurrection.

Mr Trump has said he will appeal to the US Supreme Court to overturn the decision, setting up a court battle that could reshape the 2024 race.

The former president is favourite to become the Republican pick in November’s election, where he is expected to face Democratic President Joe Biden.