‘Digicel takes Samoa Special Olympics to the World Games’


Wednesday, 13 February 2019 – Apia, Samoa – Digicel Samoa pledged a further WST$60,000 to Special Olympics Team Samoa’s preparations to the World Summer Games in Abu Dhabi next month.

Digicel Samoa CEO, Farid Mohammed said, “I commend and duly acknowledge the remarkable work of the management, coaches as well as the young men and women for the Special Olympics Samoa Team. It is here, we as a nation will be able to see their abilities and determination in every athletes excitement, dignity and joy in participating in the games. Digicel has always been supportive of everything Special Olympics since its inception and we are carrying that support all the way to the World Games.”

Digicel Founder and Chairman, Denis O’Brien, has had Special Olympics close to his heart and will be attending the World Games in support of Team Samoa and other Digicel Special Olympics teams from across the Pacific and the Caribbean.

The President of Samoa’s Special Olympics, Leta’a Daniel explained, “It is going to be an amazing achievement for our athletes and nation to be represented at the World Games. We are grateful for Digicel’s assistance, throughout the years. They are well aware of how this is a life changing experience for our team and the young men and women who will represent Samoa.”

In addition, Digicel with Special Olympics Samoa have launched the Text to Donate campaign to raise funds for the local athletes and coaches to assist with their expenses during the World Games. Funds raised will be used to finance accommodation, logistics, administration, sporting equipment and tools required to enable the athletes to compete in the games.

Digicel customers can donate by texting keyphrase “SOS” to text line 1155, each text costs WST$1 tala and all proceeds will go towards the Special Olympics Samoa management.

For more information, visit the Digicel Samoa Facebook page or www.digicelsamoa.com