We all rush to fill up our cars.. to prepare for 48 hours of lockdown 🤣🤣


Saturday 22 January 2022, 48-Hour Lockdown Day 1. Our favourite part of Samoa’s observed panicked state of preparation for 48 hours of lockdown, was the mad rush to fill up petrol.

Petrol stations had cars lined up all day and one petrol station worker couldn’t quite understand the rush to fill up cars before two days of lockdown. “Its been really busy all day.. but everyone is rushing to fill up their cars before the lockdown.. when they are not allowed to be on the roads for the next 48 hours,” he laughs.

There was also a mad rush to fill up on petrol, despite the next 48 hours being a “lockdown”.

“People are sooo funny.. filling up their cars.. but they can’t go anywhere.. just park the cars at home for two days,” 🤣🤣

“Makuai pisi lava legei aso akoa.. mālie ia o kagaka sē.. faakumu lelei le kaavale ga ave lea e kuku i le fale mo gai aso se lua” 🤣🤣

On a more serious note, please remember that drivers of unauthorised vehicles caught by police on the road during lockdown, will face hefty fines.

Level 3 lockdown requires everyone to remain at home with the exception of authorised essential workers and essential services…

“Only authorised vehicles are allowed on the roads during the lockdown period..

Stay Safe Samoa. God Bless and Enjoy Your Quality Quiet Time with Family 🇼🇸