Let us Praise Him No Matter What You’re Going Through, He will Help You Overcome It


Happy Friday Saints.

Do you count your blessings and intentionally look for things to be grateful for?

It’s so easy during difficult times to forget that there is still so much to thank God for.

Sometimes, our circumstances can seem so overwhelming that we can no longer see what we DO HAVE, and we can barely recognise what IS WORKING.

1Thessalonians 5:18 says to “GIVE THANKS IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.”

Genuine gratitude isn’t forced. It is the result of recognising your blessings.

When we fail to see the good that surrounds us, it can be discouraging, but when we actively look for reasons to be thankful, it reminds us that our entire life isn’t falling apart.

One bad day doesn’t sum up your entire existence. One mistake doesn’t define who you truly are. Don’t let your circumstances take your focus away from how much you’ve got working in your favour or from how blessed you really are.

You’ve overcome difficulties in the past, and with God’s help, you’ll undoubtedly do it again.

Be grateful today, and enjoy your weekend. God bless and lots’a love,


Pastor Warren Retzlaff