Youth Re-Offends and is Jailed for 6 Months


27 March, 2019. A seventeen year who escaped custodial sentence last week Friday was today sentenced to six months imprisonment and six months supervision by Justice Mata Tuatagaloa.

Faaletatau Maseiga of Falelauniu first landed in court last year on the charge of theft and burglary where he was ordered by Justice Tafaoimalo Leilani Tuala-Warren to attend the Alcohol and Drugs Court (ADC) program.

He failed to appear before the ADC despite his mother’s testimony that he did leave home every morning with bus fare to attend the Court ordered program.

While still on probation, Mr. Maseiga then re-offended and charged with theft as a servant and trespassing.

Last week Friday, Faaletatau’s mother pleaded with Justice Tuatagaloa that a second chance be given to her son.

Justice Mata Tuatagaloa considered the pleading request of the youths mother last week but did also send a stern message,

“This is your final chance if you don’t use it wisely, and your mother is here listening, you will be sent to jail,” concluded Justice Tuatagaloa.

Today in the Supreme Court, prosecutor Quentin Sauaga recommended 10 months imprisonment and 8 months supervision for Faaletatau Maseiga’s latest offending.

In handing down the decision, Justice Mata Tuatagaloa sentenced the youth offender to 6 months imprisonment and 6 months under supervision.

“Na avatu e le faamasinoga le avanoa ia te oe ona o le tulaga lea na oo mai ai lou tina ma talosaga i le faamasinoga e tuu atu se avanoa mo oe lea na toe tatala atu ai le avanoa mo oe i le vaiaso na tuanai.

“Ua uma na fai le poloaiga a le faamasionga o le a toe avatu oe i o i le faamasinoga faapitoa lea e toe iloilo pe toe talia ae logo mai loa e le resitara o oe la ua toe taofia e leoleo ona e iai isi moliaga na toe faatino ia Fepuari o le tausaga nei.

“O lea mea la lea ua toe faaui ai i tua lana poloaiga lena, ma o le aso lea o le a avatu sao ai e le faamasinoga le faaiuga ia te oe.”

Justice Tuatagaloa told the defendant that he had failed to use chances given by the Court and observed that it appeared from what his mother told the Court, that he does not listen to his parents.

“O lea na avatu e le faamasinoga le avanoa ia te oe ae e te lei faaaogaina.

“O lea foi na saunoa lou tina e te le usitai, ete le faalogo foi i ou matua.”

Justice Tuatagaloa told the defendant that while he is in prison, he should learn a lesson and think about whether this is the path he wants to take for the rest of his life.