Home Featured “Youth Arrested for Burglary Exchanging Stolen Goods for Drugs”

“Youth Arrested for Burglary Exchanging Stolen Goods for Drugs”

“Youth Arrested for Burglary Exchanging Stolen Goods for Drugs”

Police Commissioner Auapaau Logoitino Filipo has expressed grave concerns over rising incidents of  home burglaries by youth who then exchange stolen goods for drugs.

Commissioner Auapaau Logoitino Filipo told Samoa Global News that four youth from Vaimoso village were arrested for breaking and entering last week.

“We believe these goods are being exchanged for drugs, and we appeal to the public to contact us with any information that may lead to drug sources.”

According to the Police Commissioner, the arrested youth are not budging with any information.

Items stolen by the four suspects include laptop computers, television sets, cell phones, iPads and other electronics, said Auapa’au.

“We are concerned with the growing crime rate and the tendency for youth to exchange these stolen items with drugs such as methamphetamine.”

The Police Commissioner says they suspect drugs are being produced locally, and call on the public to come forward if you have any information that would help with their investigations.

Auapaau has called on village councils as well as the general public and community support to help Samoa Police in the ongoing fight against drugs.



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