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You Have Been Chosen to Serve the People of Samoa

You Have Been Chosen to Serve the People of Samoa

11 January 2019, Apia Samoa. A prayer service to dedicate the work of the Samoa Courts was held at the Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration (MJCA) Court House at Mulinuu this morning.

Reverend Iese Uele of the Congregational Christian Church EFKS Vaiala conducted the service attended by the Prime Minister, members of the Judiciary, staff of MJCA and several members of the legal profession.

The faifeau acknowledged the hefty workload of judges and encouraged the Ministry staff saying, “the work that you are facing every day is no easy task”.

Reverend Uele used eloquent Samoan to convey his sermon. He observed that the many various issues facing our people today are complex with families suing each other and people turning on one another.

“Ua tilotilo i le mau faafitauli ua lē tafa tasi. Ua fefaamasinoai aiga ua fefulituaai tagata.”

“Ua matua eseese ma loloto ma ogaoga faigata ua tauau ai ina mātutū le iloa ma leai se faamoemoe ma faaluafesasi ai le lagona.”

He reminded the Ministry of their calling to serve the people of Samoa and encouraged them that they have been given Godly wisdom and knowledge to carry out the work diligently and honestly.

“Ua filifilia outou e tautua mo tagata o le atunuu ma ua foai atu e le agaga o Le Atua le poto ma le atamai ina outou faatino ai galuega ua uma ona totofi ai outou e faatino ma le faamaoni.”

“Ma ia outou maua le onosai e tetee atu ai i soo se mea faigata lava e fetaiai ma outou.”

Chief Justice Tiavasue Patu acknowledges the government as well as the judges for their hard work.

“Thank you for your support and the hard work that you have been doing in the past year,” he said.

The work of MJCA and the Courts of Samoa resumes on Monday 14th Jan.




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