Women can be Vaccinated within 30 minutes of Giving Birth

“If Mom is immune, then the antibodies can pass to baby".


New Zealand nurse Lizabeth Alley says yes, mothers who have just given birth and are nursing newborn babies must be vaccinated.

When the vaccination team arrived to their home at Pesega, 18 year old Feao Loia was not sure if she should be getting vaccinated.

The young Mom had not stepped forward to be vaccinated with the older members of their family because she had recently given birth to her baby boy.

“She had baby one week ago, so we’re not sure ,” her mother inquired of the vaccinators.

“Faatoa tasi le vaiaso talu ona ou fanau, kaailo la pe aafia ai ia”

Lizabeth Alley reassured them that it was not only safe for mothers, the vaccination would also help to further protect their newborn babies.

“As long as you have had baby, it is safe from within 30 minutes of giving birth,” said Nurse Alley.

“Vaccinating women who have just given birth is also so important for the protection of baby”.

“If Mom is immune, then the antibodies can pass to baby”.

Ms Alley is the Vaccinator for Mobile Team #83 being driven by NUS Finance Officer, Lefau Afa Pupualii.

Team 83 vaccinated 7 other older members of Feao’s family at Pesega, who were not included in the original prioritisation of children under 19 and women under 35.

NUS Finance Officer Lefau Pupualii

Sualii Lefau Afa Pupualii places a green “tick” on the Loia family home to indicate that they have now all been immunised.

Sina Retzlaff