Winston Peters & David Seymour To Take Turns As NZ Deputy Prime Minister

ACT Leader David Seymour, National Leader Christopher Luxon, NZ First Leader Winston Peters. Photo: NZ Herald

Nearly 6 weeks after New Zealand’s general elections, NZ’s incoming Prime Minister and leader of the National Party, Christopher Luxon, announced that NZ’s role of Deputy Prime Minister will be rotated between the the populist NZ First party leader, Winston Peters, and Act party leader, David Seymour.

Peters will be the deputy prime minister for the first half of the incoming National coalition government’s term, before surrendering the position to David Seymour for the second half, on May 31, 2025.

The announcement was made after a signing ceremony at parliament on Friday, where the 3-party coalition agreement was released – the first of its kind in NZ’s MMP history.

Peters will also be the Minister for Foreign Affairs, a job he has filled in previous administrations, and Seymour the Minister for Regulation.

Luxon said New Zealanders had put their trust in the National Party and in return it trusted New Zealand.

“We believe in this country. We are ambitious for it. We know that, with the right leadership, the right policies and the right direction, together New Zealanders can make this an even better country.”