Winner for Upolu Takes Home $50,000 Worth of Whiteware from Vodafone Promotion


7th June 2022, Apia Samoa. Roberta Tiatia of Nuu  takes home $50,000 tala worth of Whiteware today at the Vodafone’s Lets Celebrate Good Times promotion that ended on 31st May this year. Mrs Tiatia was the winner for Upolu. The Savaii winner will also take home $50,000 of whiteware, to be drawn later this week.

The grand prizes for the Vodafone promotion total $100,000 tala worth of whiteware from Samoa Stationary and Books SSAB Megastore. The Upolu winner selected a variety of whiteware and furniture valued at $50,000 tala including a Samsung flatscreen tv, an oven, washing machine, microwave, speakers, air conditioning units and more.

The prize giving was held at Vodafone’s Headquarters at Maluafou where the 5 Upolu finalists were asked to select an envelope with a number from 1 to 5. This was the order that they would spin the wheel. Mrs Tiatia picked the number 4. All five finalists spun the wheel for two rounds, however, noone landed on the grand prize spot. In the third round, the first three finalists also spun and were not successful. Mrs Tiatia spun 4th in the third round to land on the $50k prize.

The prayer service was led by Rev Iosua Lolani and a keynote address was delivered by Associate Minister for the Ministry of Communication, Information Technology (MCIT) Fuiono Tenina Crichton.

Fuiono spoke about the Samoan Legend (talatu’u) of Nafanua. He said his village of Falealupo was the first place on earth to use telecommunication. He said a talking chief who needed help climbed a coconut tree and called out. Nafanua heard his call from Pulotu, and came to his rescue.

Associate Minister for Ministry of Communication Information and Technology MCIT Fuiono Tenina Crichton Photo: Loreta Kelemete/SGN.

“O le mapuea lea, o le logo atu lea o le faaolataga, i le fia ola, aua ua lelava pologa.”

Fuiono acknowledged other promotions that Vodafone had done in the past that have benefited families such as give-aways of motor vehicles. “Vodafone promotions always focus on giving away prizes that are useful for people,” said the Associate Minister.

In the past, Vodafone has given away a Hyundai Grand i10’s, a Toyota Rush and 7-Seater SUV and the most recent $100k One Lucky Winner Cash Prize Promotion.

Mrs Tiatia acknowledged the finalists, and thanked Vodafone for the blessings.

“I thank God for this day, and for the blessings on my family..

“I have never won anything in my entire life, and I did not expect this.”

Mrs Tiatia said she uses M-Tala a lot, and believes this is how she was able to get a lot of entries into the draw. She thanked SSAB for the quality whiteware that her family will enjoy.

To enter the draw, Vodafone Samoa customers had to top-up $10 tala or more, purchase any device from Vodafone, or receive money from New Zealand and Australia via their M-Tala accounts.

There will be a similar event in Savaii on the 9th June to declare the winner from the Big Island.