Atoa Samoa MOU Covers a Wide Range of Development Areas


The Memorandum of Understanding between the Independent State of Samoa and the Territory of America Samoa covers an extensive list of development areas.

There are 12 specific development areas with economic, social and environmental impacts, with gender equality as a cross cutting issue.

Areas include Trade, Financial & Auditing Services, Labour Mobility, Telecommunications, as well as Tourism & Hospitality.

Agriculture is included for the areas of food security and conservation of fisheries.

A wide range of commitments are listed for the advancement of Health as well as Education, Sports and Culture.

Infrastructure is covered for transportation and public works systems.

The environment is covered for commitments to low emissions and renewable enrgy. It also includes disaster preparendess and readiness.

High level direction will be given by a committee of three from each country. For American Samoa it is Governor Hon Lemanu Peleti Mauga, the Chief of Staff and the Attorney General. For Samoa it is Prime Minister Hon Fiame Naomi Mataafa and two Cabinet Ministers.

There is a Joint Taskforce to develop and coordinate projects and programmes under the MOU comprising of all relevant heads of departments and government agencies.

The Taskforce will be Co-Chaired by the CEO of MFAT Peseta Noumea Simi, and the Chief of Staff for the Governor’s office.

The two countries also commit to meet twice a year; in April and October. The alternating hosting of meetings also specified in the MOU will mean April’s meetings will always be American Samoa, while October’s sessions are in Apia.