When God’s Love is the Umbrella to Your Marriage


We share a beautiful tribute post by Seutoaalii George Feesago to his wife Margaret Chan Boon-Feesago, on the occasion of their 15th anniversary.

15 Years of Marriage but it felt like the equivalent to 7,884,000 Hours of Marriage lol.
What is our definition of Love? 
Love is sacrifice. Love is pain. Love is sharing. Love is honesty. Love is integral. Love is unwavering. Love is forgiving. Love is all of those things.
But I think that more then anything, Love is PATIENCE. 
And when God’s Love is the umbrella to your marriage. You can make it through any storm that will come your way. 
Margaret Chan Boon-Feesago Happy Anniversary Hun I am grateful and thankful for you. I love you always. So grateful for the decision we made 15 years ago.
What was sent to break us apart God Held us together.
Love The Choosen One 🩷
Thank You God. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit.
Amene 🙏