Weekly Business Feature: My Fencing Samoa

If you need support from us after-hours, we offer it gladly without hesitation. 👉 In short, we value you!


The Samoa Business Hub Business client column this week features My Fencing Samoa.

Operating out of Vaivase-Tai My Fencing Samoa pride themselves in providing a service to their clients that is more than just installing a fence.

“We’re building your security and peace of mind..” reads the company slogan.

From property and home fencing, to fences around grave sites and also fencing around vacant plots of land to keep out trespassers off your property especially if you are overseas.

“If you live overseas & wish to protect your plot of land with a sturdy fence, then we’re the ones you call to do just that!”

📸 “Pics are from a project we completed in Tanumalala, whereby the client resides overseas”.

📞 Call or whatsapp +685 7502889 or send us a Private Message. 📨 We make communicating with easy.

My Fencing Samoa also installs electric fencing; and can provide after hour service for electric fencing that may be jammed, especially if you’re stuck in the middle of the night.

Last night, we got an emergency call from a customer whose automatic sliding gate (we did not install) malfunctioned, causing the gate to not close. 😬 We gladly fixed the issue & our customer had their peace of mind knowing they were protected. 💯

🤗 If you need support from us after-hours, we offer it gladly without hesitation. 👉 In short, we value you!”

🤔 Think My Fencing Samoa if you have fencing needs or next time you have a gate/fence emergency.

Call +685.7502889


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